Nassos is a guitarist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, music theory nerd and PhD researcher.

He has studied electric guitar and music theory with Pantelis Gertsos (guitarformusicfor) up to the point that he passed the Associate Diploma of the London College of Music in Music Teaching with distinction. He also attended Musical Praxis Conservatory to study traditional harmony & modern composition with Nikos Panagiotakis, vocals & piano with Lia Hide and jazz harmony with George Argyropoulos and he successfuly completed his Harmony Degree. Occasionally, he had acoustic guitar and songwriting (applied guitar) lessons with Max Milligan. He holds a Master's Degree - MMus in Songwriting - from Bath Spa University, under the tuition of Davey Ray Moor. He's currently working towards his PhD, under the supervision of Davey Ray Moor and Dr Amanda Bayley. While his main instrument is the guitar, he's always enjoying playing other instruments, like ukulele, blues harp, piano, bass guitar, banjo, lap steel guitar, baglamas, tzouras, stylophone, bouzouki… In any case, the sound is what matters the most!

In 2011, having already passed his grade 8 in Electric Guitar and Popular Muisc Theory, Nassos became accepted for music studies by several Universities in London, but he had to decline all the offers. Thus, he attended Trinity College of Music Jazz Summer School where he enjoyed Pete Churchill's classes.

The same year, Nassos started working as an administrative assistant in LCM and RGT examinations representative office in Greece. During the same period, he started working for guitarfor. He has undertaken the promotion, online publishing, photo shooting, web design and he has contributed in organising concerts and seminars with musicians like Larry Goldings Trio, Kurt Rosenwinkel New Quartet, Larry Carlton, Adam Levy, Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet, Paul Gilbert, Al Di Meola, Andy McKee, to name but a few.

In addition, he has studied Computer Science in University of Athens, which is a four-year B.Sc. (Hons) Degree, and submitted his Thesis on "An iOS App for Improving the Auditory Perception". Between 2008 and 2009 he studied Telecommunications Engineering in Aalto University in Helsinki as an Erasmus student.

In 2014, he was accepted to study Songwriting as a postgraduate student at Bath Spa University. The MMus Course Director and main tutor is Davey Ray Moor (CousteauX), but other lecturers also include Joe Bennett PhD, Richard J. Parfitt, Emma Hooper PhD, Cliff Jones, Nigel Clark (Dodgy), Jez Ashurst, Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Lucy Ray, Fran Smith and Simon Drake.

In 2015, he was selected to participate in Global Academy of Liberal Arts Conferences in Beijing. During his stay in Beijing, he studied New Media & Communication and Chinese Culture at Communication University of China. Subsequently, he also started teaching Songwriting in musicfor, electric & acoustic guitar in the National Conservatory of Athens - Annex of Dionysos and songwriting & ukulele in Diesi Music School.

In November of 2015, he started the Sakké ConQuéso project with Ioannis Sakketos. This is a completely DIY project in which they are creating an album all alone. They have already released 4 singles: Dark to Bright (2017), I Love Austerity (2018), Uncannily Alike (2018) and Healing Without You (2019). All musical compositions, lyrics, playing, recording, production, mixing, and even the artwork are made by the 2 musicians.

In May of 2016, Nassos received an Offer of Admission for a PhD Fee Waiver Studentship, which is given to the maximum of 10 applicants, regardless their field of study. Consequently, he has registered to study for a PhD in the College of Liberal Arts with the proposed thesis title "Sociocultural & musical characteristics of Rebetiko & Blues and their hybrids".

In January 2017, Nassos released his first single Under the Endless Sky, under the pseudonym Nassos Conqueso. In March 2017, he released his album Love in Crisis, which is also available in Compact Disc. He's responsible for music, lyrics, arrangement, production, vocals, piano, ukulele, baglamas, tzouras, harmonica, guitar, stylophone and programming. At the same time, he became the 6th member of Bound Affairs as an acoustic guitarist and keyboardist, until September of 2018.

In September of 2017, he started his collaboration with Music Studies Palaio Faliro, where he's the main teacher of electric & acoustic guitar, ukulele and music theory.

In September of 2018, he successfully passed his PhD Progression Assessment, and once again met Pete Churchill at the Royal Academy of Music for an interview in advanced music theroy and harmony.

In Summer of 2019, he presented at two international conferneces, the Valencian Association of Musicology's conference in Valencia and the Society for Music Analysis's conference in Southampton. He then attended the 4th International PhD Summer School, organised by Kaunas University of Technology in Trakai of Lithuania. At the same time he was selected to represent Greece in the European Union's Introspection Music Experience project.

In January 2020, he presented at the BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference at the Open University in Milton Keynes. In spring, he was accepted to present at the 7th Rhythm Changes conference Jazz Now! that will take place in Amsterdam, as well as at the 10th European Music Analysis Conference that will take place in Moscow and is organised by 12 different academic societies. Since mid-April, his publication 'Fingerstyle Rebetiko: the revival of a lost technique' is available by journal Quadrívium.

In addition, he has attended over 100 seminars and master classes of great musicians, like: John Scofield, Jonathan Kreisberg, Guthrie Govan, Theodore Antoniou, Larry Carlton, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pete Churchill, Greg Howe, Peter Bernstein, Bill Stewart, Paul Gilbert, Adam Levy, Dave Cliff, Theo Kapilidis, Nikki Iles, Dimos Dimitriadis, Stef Burns, Yorgos Kertsopoulos, Doug Aldrich, Takis Barberis, Yiotis Samaras, Trifon Koutsourelis, Sotiris Pomonis, Konstantinos Mitropoulos, Elias Tsangaris, Fani Kosona, Antonis Antonopoulos, Anastassis Philippakopoulos, Leonidas Vrahatis.

He is an official member of IASMP (International Association for the Study of Popular Music), RMA (Royal Musical Association), SMA (Society for Music Analysis), BFE (British Forum for Ethnomusicology), ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians), MGSA (Modern Greek Studies Association), PRS (Performing Right Society), PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and RGT (Registered Guitar Tutor).

Academic Qualifications
PhD in Music (October 2016 - September 2023)
MMus in Songwriting, with Merit (2014-2016)
Degree in Music Harmony (2011-2014)
BSc (Hons) in Computer Science (2007-2014)
ALCM Diploma in Music Teaching (2012-2013)
DipLCM in Music Teaching (2011-2012)
Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University
Musical Praxis Conservatory
University of Athens
Guitarfor Music School
Guitarfor Music School
Polyzoidis, N. (2019) 'Fingerstyle Rebetiko: the revival of a lost technique'. Quadrívium,-Revista Digital de Musicologia 10. ISSN 1989-8851.
Conference Presentations
  • 'Rebetiko songs labelled as "The Blues of the Prince [of Greek rock]"'
    (30 July 2021)
  • 'The commonalities between the DIY cultures of rebetiko and blues'
    (9 July 2021)
  • 'Rebetiko and blues: from Yiorgos Batis's "O Boufetzis" (1935) to Georges Pilali's "Teketzis" (1994)'
    (2 June 2020)
  • 'Uncannily Alike' composition
    (2 May 2020)
  • 'Tsibiti: the country blues and Texas blues fingerstyle rebetiko'
    (10 January 2020)
  • 'Rebetiko meets the blues: the songwriting of Pavlos Sidiropoulos'
    (30 July 2019)
  • 'Fingerstyle Rebetiko: the revival of a lost technique'
    (25 July 2019)
Birmingham Music Analysis Conference (BrumMAC 2021)
KISMIF International Conference 2021, University of Porto
London Calling - IASPM UK&I Biennial Conference, University of West London
C21MP Online Practice Research Symposium
BFE-RMA Research Students' Conference 2020, Open University
Southampton Music Analysis Conference (SotonMAC 2019)
"The Mediterranean: Migrant Sounds" - AVAMUS International Conference
Membership of Professional Bodies
Incorporated Society of Musicians
International Council for Traditional Music
Modern Greek Studies Association
British Forum for Ethnomusicology
Society for Music Analysis
International Association for the Study of Popular Music
The Royal Musical Association
Performing Right Society
Phonographic Performance Limited
Registry of Guitar Tutors
ISM member since 2020
ICTM member since 2020
MGSA member since 2020
BFE member since 2019
SMA member since 2018
IASPM member since 2017
RMA member since 2017
PRS member since 2017
PPL & VPL member since 2017
Registered tutor since 2013
Summer Schools & Erasmus
International PhD Summer School
Jazz Summer School
Telecommunications Engineering (Erasmus)
New Media & Communication Summer School
Kaunas University of Technology
Trinity College of Music
Helsinki University of Technology
Communication University of China
Composition & Songwriting Workshops
Songwriting Workshop (6-month duration between 2018 and 2019) with Foivos Delivorias:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
What is a songwriter; History of songwriting focusing on Greek songwriters.
How music & lyric writing & performance work together; techniques, exercises.
Practice: each attendee writes on specific lyrical themes, rhythms or texture.
Music Is, Open Composition Workshop with a 6-month duration in 2012. Lecturers:

Anastasis Philippakopoulos
Antonis Antonopoulos
Fani Kosona
Theodore Antoniou
“Glances at the latest creative period of L. V. Beethoven”
“Harmonic Column & Polychords”
“Structure of the musical work - proposals for an improved awareness of the process of musical composition”
“Composition: Creative approach (narrative form-instant form-horizontal orchestration-narrative rhythms-other organizational systems-creative analysis)”
Teaching Experience
Private Tuition
Musicfor Music School
Music Studies Palaio Faliro
National Conservatory of Dionysos
Diesi Music School
Musical Praxis Conservatory
Electric & acoustic guitar, theory, ukulele, songwriting
Songwriting, 2016-now
Electric & acoustic guitar, theory, ukulele, 2017-now
Electric Guitar, Ukulele 2015-now
Songwriting, Ukulele, 2016-now
Theory, 2012-2013
Songwriting & Music Production Experience
Introspection Music Experience
Sakké ConQuéso Healing Without You
Sakké ConQuéso Uncannily Alike
Sala Niva Taxidi
Sakké ConQuéso I Love Austerity
Sakké ConQuéso Dark to Bright
Nassos Conqueso Love in Crisis
N. Conqueso Under the Endless Sky
songwriter (music), recording musician, vocalist
songwriter (music & lyrics), co-producer, recording musician
songwriter (music & lyrics), co-producer, recording musician
producer, arranger, recording musician
songwriter (music & lyrics), co-producer, recording musician
songwriter (music & lyrics), recording musician
songwriter (music & lyrics), producer, recording musician
songwriter (music & lyrics), producer, vocalist
Performance Experience
As a guitarist, vocalist, ukulelist, harmonicist, keyboardist
as a solo artist or special guest for fellow artists' concerts
and for Bound Affairs, Musicfor, Anamesa Festival, Guitarfor and others
in stages like Gazarte, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Stavros tou Notou, The Zoo, etc.
Seminars & Master Classes
− Panel Discussion: Teaching Qualitative Research Online, with Christina Silver, PhD, Chareen Snelson, EdD & Sarah L Bulloch, PhD.
− Adapting Postgraduate Education for Remote Delivery, UK Council for Graduate Education.
− How to turn your music into a profitable and life-long career, with Martin Sutton, The Songwriting Academy.
− Strategies for Impact and Evaluation, with Dr Astrid Breel, Bath Spa University.
− Staying Resilient: Managing Yourself and Your Time, with Tracy Stead, Bath Spa University.
− Music Marketing Strategies. Digital Marketing. Social Media., with Grace Puluczek (3 Notes Management), Espacio Joven Valladolid.
− Reducing the cost of a low budget production, with Christos Kladas, Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid.
− How to carry out a music project? Organization and production for musicians, with Sean Marholm, Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid.
− Thinking about publication, with Martin Clarke, Laura Hamer, Ben Winters, Open University.
− Exploring and planning careers with a postgraduate music qualification, with Claire Blanchard, Open University.
− Transcription: More than just words, with Silvana di Gregorio, PhD, NVivo.
− Getting Through Your Viva, with Dr Jasmine Hunter Evans, Bath Spa University.
− Research Funding: A Toolkit, with Beth Humphries and Jasmine Hunter Evans, Bath Spa University.
− Hit Songwriting Webinar, with Sharon Vaughn, The Songwriting Academy.
− Developing a Book Idea from your Research, with Katharine Reeve, Bath Spa University.
− Presenting your Research, with Jasmine Hunter Evans & Emma Carlisle, Bath Spa University.
− Enhancing your Employability, with Jasmine Hunter Evans & Emma Carlisle, Bath Spa University.
− Enhancing your Digital Research Profile, with Siobhan Hawke, Bath Spa University.
− Blues Guitar Masterclass with Kirk Fletcher, JAM pedals Showroom.
− Online Music Teaching (Webinar) with Susan Hickey & Merv Young, Go Create Academy.
− Practice-Based Methodologies and the PhD Researcher with Sabrin Hasbun and Elen Caldecott, Corsham Court, Bath Spa University.
− Developing Yourself as a Researcher with Dr Giles Martin and Dr Jasmine Hunter-Evans, Corsham Court, BSU.
− Academic writing workshop: Improving your work from 2* to 3* with Linda La Velle, Bath Spa University
− Jazz Guitar Masterclass with Lage Lund, May 2018, Musicfor
− Creative Methodologies: Exploring Practice-Based Research, Jan 2018, Bath Spa University
− The artist’ experience with Yannis Zouganelis, May 2017, Ippokrateio General Hopsital, UOA
− Hearing protection – the sound engineer’s perspective with Dimitris Dimitriades, May 2017, Ippokrateio General Hopsital, University of Athens.
− Hearing protection from music for musicians with Katerina Vardonikolaki, May 2017, Ippokrateio General Hospital, University of Athens.
− The conductor on stage – Difficulties and challenges with Miltos Logiadis, May 2017 – UOA
− Noise-Inducted Hearing Loss– Tinnitus with Dimitris Kikidis, May 2017 – Ippokrateio Hopsital − Difficulties and Challenges on Stage with Giannis Charoulis and Dimitris Makalias, May 2017 – Athens Medical School, University of Athens
− Speech-language pathology of singers and surgical treatment with Dr. Konstantinos Lampropoulos, May 2017 – Athens Medical School, University of Athens
− Speech therapy approach to voice disorders for singers with Ilias Papathanasiou PhD FRCSLT, May 2017 – Athens Medical School, University of Athens
− Physical examination of singers’ voice – Laboratory investigation of voice disorders with A. Delides MD, PhD, May 2017 – Athens Medical School, University of Athens
− Neurology: Brain and Music with Dr. Constantin Potagas – Athens Medical School, UOA.
− Collaboration of Jazz and Korean Traditional Music with Hyelim Kim, Feb 2017 – BSU
− Julian Lage Guitar Workshop with Julian Lage, Nov 2016 - gazarte
− Adventures in Creative Computing with Professor Andrew Hugill, Oct 2016 - Bath Spa Uni.
− Jazz Guitar Masterclass with Thodoris Kotsifas, Apr 2016 – musicfor
− Jazz Guitar Masterclass with John Abercrombie, Mar 2016 – musicfor
− Guitar Masterclass with Al Di Meola, Feb 2016 – gazARTE
− Professional Collaboration with Cliff Jones & Jez Ashurst, Jan 2016 – Corsham Court, BSU
− The Publisher’s Perspective with Hugo Turquet (BMG), Jan 2016 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa Uni.
− Context and Methodology with Julianne Regan, Jan 2016 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− Online Research with Katie Rickard, Jan 2016 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− AG2f “Sounds” with Eivind Aarset, Noël Akchoté & Babis Papadopoulos, Dec 2015 – musicfor
− Applied Guitar with Max Milligan, Sep 2015 – Private Session
− Fingerstyle Accompaniments & Arrangements by Leo Turner, Sep 2015 – RGT Conference, UWL
− Creative Acoustic Guitar by Chris Woods, Sep 2015 – RGT Conference, University of West London
− Becoming a Full-time Guitar Teacher with Al Summers, Ray Bradfield & David Millar, Sep 2015 – RGT Conference, University of West London
− Contemporary Songs on Acoustic with Max Milligan, Sep 2015 – RGT Conference, UWL
− History of the Blues with Paul Trynka (Mojo Magazine), Sep 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa Uni.
− A life in song with Nigel Clark, Sep 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− A record company’s view of the song industry with Simon Drake, Sep 2015 – Corsham Court
− History of Song: Six Songs Under Analysis with Julianne Regan, Cliff jones & Jez Ashurst, Sep 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa Universtiy
− Guitar “In Pieces”. Make your sound... personal with Pantelis Gertsos, May 2015 – drumworld
− Jazz Improvisation Seminar with Craig Bailey, Mar 2015 – guitarfor
− Research and the Arts with Dr. Emma Hooper, Jan 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− Post-graduate Research with Joe Bennett PhD, Jan 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− Collaborating Professionally with Jez Ashurst, Jan 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− Collaborative Songwriting with Joe Bennett PhD, Jan 2015 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− Finding the Musical Source with Vic Hyland, Sep 2014 – RGT Conference, UWL
− Playing Jazz on the Uke with Phil Doleman, Sep 2014 – RGT Conference, UWL
− Lap Steel and Dobro with Chris Eaton, Sep 2014 – RGT Conference, University of West London
− Arranging Songs for Acoustic Guitar with Max Milligan, Sep 2014 – RGT Conference, UWL
− RGT Ukulele Exams Official Lunch with Tony Skinner & Pete Farrugia, Sep 2014 – RGT Confer.
− Creativity, Constraints and Collaboration with Joe Bennett PhD, Sep 2014 – Corsham Court, BSU
− History of Song: Six Songs Analysis with Lucy Ray, Richard J. Parfitt, Cliff Jones, Joe Bennett PhD & Jez Ashurst (5 sessions), Sep 2014 – Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
− Guitar Days with Jonathan Kreisberg, July 2014 – guitarfor
− Guitar in Business with Carlos E.Perez, May 2014 – drumworld
− Acoustic Guitar Masterclass with Andy McKee, May 2014 – gazARTE
− Gypsy Jazz Seminar with Sotiris Pomonis, Konstantinos Mitropoulos & Ilias Tsagkaris, Apr 2014 – drumworld
− Songwriting Seminar by Adam Levy, Mar 2014 – guitarfor
− Jazz Drums Masterclass with Bill Stewart, Dec 2013 – Chytirio Theatre & Art Cafe
− Jazz Guitar Masterclass with Peter Bernstein, Dec 2013 – guitarfor
− Guitar Clinic with Yiotis Samaras, Nov 2013 – guitarfor
− Guitar Concert Masterclass with Larry Carlton, Oct 2013 – Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation
− Workshop – Concert with Greg Howe, Mar 2013 – Stavros tou Notou
− The jazz musician, education, skills and collective creation with Dimos Dimitriadis, Feb 2013 – Musical Praxis Conservatory
− Workshop: Creativity and Inspiration. Using Music Ideas. Musical Structuring. With John Howard PhD, Director of LCME, Jan 2013 – Musical Praxis Conservatory
− Jazz Guitar Seminar with Theo Kapilidis, Dec 2012 – guitarfor
− Jazz Guitar Seminar with Jonathan Kreisberg, Nov 2012 – Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation
− Workshop – Concert with Paul Gilbert, Sep 2012 – Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation
− Jazz Guitar Seminar with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Apr 2012 – guitarfor
− Guitar Seminar with Doug Aldrich, Feb 2012 – guitarfor
− Kertsopoulos Aesthetics with Yorgos Kertsopoulos, Dec 2011 – guitarfor
− Guitar Clinic with Guthrie Govan, Nov 2011 – guitarfor
− Music Technology Seminars with Trifon Koutsourelis, Oct 2011 – guitarfor
− Guitar Seminar by Takis Barberis, Oct 2011 – guitarfor
− Unfolding the big picture in Jazz with Pete Churchill, Dave Cliff & Nikki Iles, Jul 2011 – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
− Jazz Guitar Seminar with John Scofield, 2009 – Art Music School − Guitar Clinic with Stef Burns, Nov 2006 – Athens
Conference Attendance
2019, When Creative Practice Becomes Research
2018, Institute for Education Research Day
2018, Royal Musical Association 54th Annual Conference
2018, Past and Present: Local Music Making and the Politics of Popular Music
2017, REMORA Symposium: Contextualising Creative Practice
2015, RGT Guitar Tutors Conference
2015, Global Academy of Liberal Arts Conference
2014, RGT Guitar Tutors Conference
Corsham Court, Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University
University of Bristol
The Red House, Merthyr Tydfil
Bath Spa University
University of West London
Beijing Forum, CUC
University of West London
Administrative Experience
LCM & RGT Exams for Greece
Musicfor music school
LCM & RGT Exams for Greece
Guitarfor music school
LCM & RGT Exams for Greece
Senior examinations officer, exams information officer, since 2019
Administrative assistant, promoter, co-organizer, 2015-2019
Exams information officer, administrative assistant, 2014-2019
Administrative assistant, promoter, co-organizer, 2011-2015
Administrative assistant, promoter, 2011-2014
SMA Travel Bursary
Postgraduate Research Student Support Scheme
PhD Fee Waiver Studentship
Society for Music Analysis, July 2019
Bath Spa University, June 2010
Bath Spa University, May 2016
Relative Experience
Guitar Technician
Web Designer & Developer
Tom Baxter concert, GazArte
"Anamesa Festival", Musicfor music school, "Anamesa mas", etc.
Concerts, Festivals, Seminars, Shows, Master Classes
Online Courses (MOOC)
Berklee College of Music via Coursera
University of Rochester via Coursera
Curtis Institute of Music via Coursera
Modern Musician
Introduction to Music Production
Developing your Musicianship
Jazz Improvisation
The Art of Music Production
History of Rock
The Music of the Beatles
The World of the String Quartet
Other Experience
Elected Secretary, Student Union, University of Athens, 2009 – 2010
FOSS – UOA, Co-founder, member, lecturer
Alexander Technique with Nick Mastrokostopoulos, 2011 – 2012
Drama Therapy with Dimitra Stavrou, 2009 – 2012